Q: Does R.O.C(Taiwan) government provide any incentives for specific industries?
A: Yes, R.O.C(Taiwan) government give tax free incentive for specific industries. Please contact investintaiwan.nat.gov.tw/en/ to get more details.
Q: Rights transformation" is a leagl way to allocate owners and developers' peoperty, is there any other way to allocate property in urban regeneration zone?
A: There are four development modes for urban regeneration.
1.Rights transformatios(simple)
2.Rights transformatios(complex)
3.Creation of superificies
4.Land sold by tendering
Besides, some projects would follow other legal modes. Please contact Project Office of Urban Regeneration or local authorities to get details.
Category Content Source
Tax reduction If a renewal unit could not be used, land value tax is granted free during renewal period. If it could, land value tax is granted 50% deduction during renewal period. Urban Renewal Tax
Tax deduction 50% Land value tax and House tax deduction is granted to a urban renewal unit for 2 years after renewed. Urban Renewal Tax
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